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South Texas Growers features 3 acres of outdoor trees, shrubs and landscape plants.  We pride ourselves in our wide variety of perennials, shrubs, succulents, trees and much more to enhance your landscape.



At South Texas Growers, we're proudly involved with every stage of the plant cycle. Whether the plant started as a cutting from a mother plant, or a seed from a seed pod, with our specialized soil blends and dedicated worker bees, we are able to produce 75% of plant material here on site. 


Many of your favorite Texas native and adaptive plants are home-grown at the nursery in Bulverde.  These plants promise to thrive in your garden as they are acclimated to our weather extremes, as well as our alkaline soil and hard water.


The growing process begins with seeds harvested from the local area, or by cuttings gathered from our nursery plant stock.  Depending on the propagation technique, it takes ~4 weeks for a plant to take root. All propagated plants start out their growing process in 2" pots and will eventually be transferred to a 4" pot. 

For our plants to be ready for sale in the Spring season, we have to prepare cuttings and seeds in the fall to ensure enough growing time. 



As the plants grow they will start to develop established root systems. This is the time when we will transfer the plants into larger sized containers with fresh soil to replenish the plants nutrients. The typical potting mix we use is pine bark and peat moss, and perlite for drainage.  After the plants get their new pots, it is critical that we monitor their growth to ensure they're trimmed, well watered, and fertilized throughout the growing season. 


Strong, healthy plants and trees, are then ready for sale when the root system is strong enough to be planted in the garden.  Whether you're looking for a shade loving groundcover, or that full sun, drought-tolerant plant, our nursery guarantees to have what you need to thrive in the Hill Country.

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